17 NOV5 Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Windshield

Windshields are perhaps the most overlooked part of your car when it comes to maintenance. The common perception is that if it's not cracked, it's probably fine. That is not always the case, windshields are a vital part of your car, and you should take good care of it. Imagine that you are driving down the highway on a beautiful sunny day; you are enjoying your drive, and then out of nowhere, you happen to find yourself stuck behind a poultry truck. After some time of following its smelly trail, your car fills up with the smell of chickens. And then the worse happens a chicken decides to go rogue and splat! If it were not for the windshield, the chicken would have become an unwanted passenger in your car.

Windshields are an essential safety feature of your car; they need to be properly looked after. Here are the top 5 ways with which you can take proper care of your car's windshield:

  • Swap the wipers regularly – A squeaky and worn-out pair of wipers are not just a nuisance; they seriously impact the integrity of your windshield. They cause damage to your windshield and impact visibility, especially if you drive at night. They cause micro-scratches on the windshield and cause the light passing through your windshield to scatter. It is recommended to swap your wipers every six months to ensure that they don't damage your windshield.

  • Clean your windshield – If you don't clean your windshield and allow dirt or debris to accumulate, that can cause severe damage to the windshield of your car. What happens is that you have a dirty windshield, and you will use the wipers to clear the debris, it is going to cause the dirt to rub against the glass, which will cause micro-abrasions on it. This makes the windshield more prone to cracking. So, make sure to properly clean your windshield every now and then to avoid this problem.

  • Aquapel Treatment- While most people apply wax to their windshields, Aquapel treatment is a much more effective way and gives better results. It is a long-lasting treatment that makes your windshield water repellent.

  • Bug Guard – When you are driving at high speeds, even a small insect hitting your windscreen can make a huge splat on your windscreen. A deflector will make sure that this does not happen and will cause the bugs to go over the roof.

  • Have your Windshield inspected by State Auto Glass – It is always best to have an expert take a look and make sure that your windshield's integrity is not compromised in any way. If there are small cracks or chips in your windshield, they can be repaired. If the cracks are beyond repair or your windshield is compromised in a way that you might not be able to detect, it will have to be replaced. It is recommended to get your windshield inspected once a year by experts.

We hope this guide helps you in taking better care of your car's windshield. If you are looking to have your windshield replaced, then make sure to check out State Auto Glass.

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