17 NOV 5 Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Windshield

Windshields are perhaps the most overlooked part of your car when it comes to maintenance. The common perception is that if it's not cracked, it's probably fine. That is not always the case, windshields are a vital part of your car, and you should take good care of it. Imagine that you are driving down the highway on a beautiful sunny day; you are enjoying your drive, and then out of nowhere, you happen to find yourself stuck behind a poultry truck. After some time of following its smelly trail, your car fills up with the smell of chickens. And then the worse happens a chicken decides to go rogue and splat! If it were not for the windshield, the chicken would have become an unwanted passenger in your car.


20 OCT Car Windshield Repair or Replacement - Which One Is Right?

Stuck in the dilemma of whether to replace or repair the windshield? You are not alone.

So, we thought, we'll guide you in making the right decision by weighing a couple of key factors. These include the impact that damage has on the visibility and ability to drive the car safely. The size, depth, and location of the chip are also taken into account before finalizing.

4 Signs Your Car Needs Windshield Replacement

20 OCT 4 Signs Your Car Needs Windshield Replacement

When you are on the road it is not just a great engine that helps you have a smooth drive. The windshield does as much for you.So, it needs to be free of damages, sturdy, and clear as a crystal.

Yet, many car owners still neglect the prevailing red flags that their windshield has been compromised and may be putting them and their car at risk.

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