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Driving with a cracked or chipped windshield is dangerous for you and your fellow passengers. You need to get it fixed ASAP.

As a professional auto glass repair and replacement company in Florida, State Auto Glass provides all kinds of auto glass repair and replacement services including broken windshield, shattered side window, damaged side-view mirror, etc.

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Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services in Florida

We offer fast, precise, and high-quality repairs at affordable prices. The majority of cracked or chipped windshield damage can be easily repaired instead of replacing them if the damage is dealt with quickly.

Once we determine that your windshield/side window is repairable, our auto glass repair and replacement specialist in Florida will clean the damaged area and insert a special clear resin to fill the chip or crack. Once this resin has cured, the glass is polished to get a smooth and clear finish.

Factors Deciding Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Florida

Factors we use to determine if the auto glass is repairable or needs replacement:


If the chips that are less than 3/8 inch or cracks are not more than six inches, then your broken windshield is good to go for repair.


Many windshields have multiple sensors embedded into the glass such as radio antennas, rain sensors, etc. If the crack reaches any of these fixtures, the windshield usually must be replaced.


Any damage that is directly affecting the driver's line of vision generally calls for a replacement. Also, cracks and chips that are near to the edge of the windshield tend to expand more easily and require replacement.


If you bring your vehicle immediately after the damage occurs in your windshield, it is more likely to be repaired. The more you wait, the more debris and dirt settle into cracks and chips to intensify the damage and further prevent successful auto glass repair in Florida.

Safety you can Rely on

State Auto Glass offers a lifetime warranty with our every auto glass repair and replacement services in South and North Florida.

So, if any problem occurs with our craftsmanship or products, call (561)609-9590 and we will take care of the glass for you. Visit us now and get your FREE windshield replacement today!

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