20 OCTCar Windshield Repair or Replacement - Which One Is Right?


Stuck in the dilemma of whether to replace or repair the windshield? You are not alone.

So, we thought, we'll guide you in making the right decision by weighing a couple of key factors. These include the impact that damage has on the visibility and ability to drive the car safely. The size, depth, and location of the chip are also taken into account before finalizing.

Replace or Repair?

When to Replace

  • If the chip is larger than 3 inches or the crack is longer than 14 inches.
  • The inner layer of the windshield has been damaged.
  • The damage is near the edges of the windshield.

When it can Be Repaired

  • If the chip is smaller than 1 inch or the crack is not more than 12 inches.
  • Only the outer layer of the windshield has been damaged.
  • The crack or chip is not near to the outer margin of the windshield.

Factors to Consider

#1. Visibility

Driving a car with a damaged windshield hampers the driver's ability to see what's in front. It could be a significant risk. And, in states such as Pennsylvania, it is a crime.

In a scenario where the crack is in the line of vision, repair isn't an option; it is advisable to opt for windshield replacement.

#2. Safety


Safety is the paramount concern, and you can't turn a blind eye to it. Whether you take your car for a short distance or long-distance travel, even the slightest windshield damage must be addressed right away.

Why? The windshield is engineered to be a critical element in the structural integrity of the vehicle. So, if you perceive that the crack or chip is large enough to affect the level of protection that the windshield offers, replacement is always the right bet.

#3 Depth

A modern windshield has two layers of depths. If the damage hasn't penetrated to the plastic or the windscreen's inner layer, reach out to a windshield repair specialist in West Palm Beach. Otherwise, the damage to the internal layer of glass is hard to fix.

#4 Position

If the crack or chip is near the frame, it is most likely that the windscreen experts will recommend replacing it. Why? Because even the smallest fissures at the edge could spread quickly, owing to the vibrations of the car.

Besides, the stress from bumps and dips in the road will eventually cause the crack near the frame to undermine the glass's structural integrity.

But remember, the expert's word is the final word.
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