20 OCT4 Signs Your Car Needs Windshield Replacement


When you are on the road it is not just a great engine that helps you have a smooth drive. The windshield does as much for you.

So, it needs to be free of damages, sturdy, and clear as a crystal.

Yet, many car owners still neglect the prevailing red flags that their windshield has been compromised and may be putting them and their car at risk.

Here, in this article, we've rounded up five tell-tale signs that which indicate it's time to reach out to a windshield replacement service in Florida.

#1 Blocked View (Even If Partially)


For a windshield, there is no such thing as a little discoloration, crack, or chip.

Driving is all about split-second decisions. Now, imagine that you mistake a minute chip in your windshield to be another car in your blind spot. You overcorrect, and thus lead to a minor accident or an on-road wreck. It is an entirely possible scenario.

Cracks, especially the ones that create a spider-web impact, can lead to distorted vision. And it becomes even worse in adverse weather conditions. In simple words, the driver's ability to see during a storm or heavy rain may be compromised if they put off windshield repair/replacement far too long.

#2 Evidence of Pitting

If you frequently drive through high-traffic lanes, you expose your windshield to flying debris, including the gravel cast off from other vehicles and even small and sharp rocks.

It could lead to pitting on the surface on your car's windshield, and it is evident during dusk & dawn.

Even the smallest pit could scatter reflected light, thus makes it difficult for the driver to focus on the road. During a heavy downpour, the windshield is unable to shed water quickly.

#3 Hedge at the Edges

For safety reasons, modern windshields are treated with Poly Vinyl Butyral, a particular type of plastic. It ensures that if the windshield shatters, it shatters as small, rounded chunks. Thus, this plastic coating is so vital to the windscreen.

Now, if you see hedges at the edges of your car's windshield, this means the plastic is separating from the glass. It raises the risk of glass crashing inward during an accident.

#4 Missing Pieces

Yes, we've seen cars plying on the road with missing parts, which the owners cover with duct tape.

A windshield is meant not only to keep all the unwanted elements like bugs and critters at bay but also to provide structural support, and prevent the frame from sagging.

If you delay repair or replacement of your damaged windshield, the damages may become irreversible.

If your windshield is also exhibiting these signs of deterioration, contact us at (813)400-2944 for a windshield replacement estimate in Miami.

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